Dr Andréa Paige is a speaker, nomadic world traveller, yoga teacher, and a leading expert in longterm fasting. Looking at the interface between the modern world and our biological underpinnings.

Trained as a political economist and anthropologist, with a Doctorate in Naturopathy (NMD), Andi specialises in applied Epigenetics & Biohacking: encouraging humans to tap into their own physiology.

She’s the Founder of The Institute for Aliveness. For the revolution in human health, focused on self-development and social change, fueled by critical inquiry and disruption of the “wellness” industry.

Andi and I met at AfrikaBurn in South Africa, April 2018. We recorded this conversation on April 22nd, exactly two years later. She was at her parents place in Florida, as her journey towards San Francisco was disrupted by shutdowns for COVID19.