Philip K. Dick had peculiar perceptions of reality. Pan-dimensional experiences, psychedelics, and life in California in the 60s, were driven by insanely prolific writing. His sci-fi imaginations created worlds that we've inhabited through movies and tv shows. The Man in the High Castle. Blade Runner. Total Recall. Minority Report.

Speaking in 1977 at the METZ Sci-Fi Conference in France, he describes the experience of meeting a dark-haired woman. She arrives at the protagonist's door and informs that his reality is entirely unreal and artificial. Think of Neo's experience meeting Trinity in The Matrix.

Strange how paranoia can link up with reality now and then.
A Scanner Darkly

If we are living in a simulated reality, perhaps many forms of magic are in fact possible. These are accessed as multi-dimensional realities which sit adjacent to our own consensus reality. Perhaps through dreams, meditative experience, and other worldly events.

Call it synchronicity. Déjà vu. A moment when something in the simulation is changed.

Philip K. Dick in Rolling Stone, November 6 1975