Tame Impala released The Slow Rush on February 14 2020, an electronic disco pop psychedelic experience to rival Daft Punk.

Kevin Parker is always evolving across records as a songwriter, producer and engineer, and his latest is the highest realisation of a sound that fits a constant of headlining festivals and sold out arenas. It makes sense this music is increasingly cinematic. It fills the space. In a way his band is a modern Led Zeppelin with synths and an absurdly insane light show. Whatever it means to be the biggest rock group in the world at this time.

True to form for the past couple years, The Slow Rush was produced under duress of California wildfires, and in fact Parker lost a bunch of equipment when a house he was staying at in Malibu was destroyed by fires in November 2018.

"[It was] almost like a joke - 'your house is burning down, what do you grab? So I just grabbed my Hofner bass guitar which I've had for years. It's the only thing that was there that was sentimental - other than the music on my laptop - so I just grabbed both those things and headed out."

Source: BBC

This should have been a year of touring The Slow Rush but live music went away. Must feel crazy to not be on the road when you've put out a huge album. They now have December shows in New Zealand. But instead of flying all over the world Tame Impala has dropped a series of creative videos and live appearances.

Lost In Yesterday is the third single, and probably the highlight video. Why Won't They Talk To Me? reimagines a Lonerism song with a pretty interesting time overlay projecting 20+ Kevins performing all instruments.

Live appearances